This war has been ongoing for seven years, and now Russia has attacked the capital. Air strikes are happening throughout the country, including in populated areas, killing innocents, leaving families torn. We as people have to work together to help Ukrainian citizens however we can, whenever we can. If it's possible please, please donate to the organisations below.

Medical battalion of volunteer paramedics and doctors to support those on the front lines, and help save their lives.

British volunteers and workers supporting victims of the Ukrainian war, whether it be physical or mental damage, providing support to those who need it most.

Providing non-lethal and humanitarian aid in Ukraine, and housing assistance to displaced families to help them find a new safe life away from the conflict.

Supporting families and children in Ukraine through humanitarian, financial, and educational aid.

Donation funded support provided by the UN for organisations providing food, water, and shelter for the vulnerable and those in need.

Helping people with food, water, and repairs in war affected areas such as Donetsk and Luhansk.

Providing medical aid and temporary housing for those injured or displaced by the war.

Providing humanitarian and psychological support for victims, as well as help in relocation.